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Arcangel Drone Services is located in the Wichita, Kansas area.

We are Veteran owned and operated by a License drone pilot.

**Part 107 Certified

Licensed & Insured


  • Agricultural Spraying- From entire fields to isolated areas, we provide herbicides, ​fungicides, insecticides, and liquid and dry fertilizers, on all terrains with zero crop damage, ​disease transfer, and soil compaction .

  • Aerial Photography- Capturing the whole perspective. Take the guess work out of capturing ​the perfect images. With the ability to maneuver around obstacles, drones capture amazing ​views for all of your photography needs.

  • Aerial Videography- Taking your visual story to another level, aerial photography captures ​those moments so you can stick to the story.

  • Aerial Inspections- Performing safety inspections more efficiently and effectively. Can ​access hard-to-reach or hazardous areas without exposing others to danger.

The Team

Daniel Kliewer: Owner/Operator/Pilot


Co-owner/Account Specialist

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